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Why liposuction is not just for fat people

Liposuction has that stigma attached that only those who are overweight can benefit from it. This unfair image of liposuction can mainly be attributed to the media who for years have hammered that point in. That may have indeed been the case once upon a time but it simply isn’t so any longer. Liposuction is now often referred to as […]

Face Surgery

Your face is what people know you by and it is only right that you always want it to look perfect. Whether you feel you need to change your features or simply regain a youthful look, we can advise the best way to achieve it.

Body surgery

Making the decision to undertake body surgery can be due to physical or emotional needs, here at 111 Harley Street we understand this and will be there through the entire process to ensure you have the best experience available.


Looking your best on the outside is proven to have an effect on how you feel on the inside. Our surgeons can take you through non-surgical procedures that help to maintain that youthful look or target specific problem areas.

News from the Industry

News and features from the beauty industry, new procedures and products to help you keep that perfect look and the latest in personal care.

111 Harley Street

111 Harley Street is one of the premier Cosmetic Surgery practices in London, combining some of the most advanced surgical and non-surgical treatments available.


111 Harley Street has built and continues to build is reputation founded on the principles that all of the practice’s nurses, cosmetic surgeons and physicians meet the highest level of medical standards & expertise and that patients receive the best treatment possible.